Bingmann Pflüger on four continents

Latin America

Our subsidiary GLB German Latin Business GmbH is especially active in the emerging markets of Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and also Cuba, either through joint ventures, own projects, or on behalf of our clients. The primary focus of our work in these regions includes the health and renewable energy sectors. Since 2013 we have been organising the annual German-Latin American Energy Conference.


We are active in various areas in the German-Russian context. We guide and advise energy companies and projects, such as the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Baltic Sea. We also support German companies in their positioning in the Russian market. In addition, we organise energy as well as digital economy conferences.

Central Europe

We also advise our clients on various topics in Central Europe. We have, for example, assisted a German energy company with biomass projects in the Baltic Region and accompanied energy infrastructure projects (gas interconnectors). We also advised the Central Europe Energy Partners (association of Central European energy companies) and organised energy symposia. As mediators, we have arbitrated a business dispute in Romania.

Middle East

We are active in the Middle East through subsidiaries and projects. For example, we have – together with our strong local partners and staff, two offices, a storage facility for German products and a logistical infrastructure – helped a German mid-sized company become one of the market leaders in water management in the region.

South East Europe

We are active in various countries of the Balkans. Together with Roland Berger and Germany’s leading energy law firm Becker Büttner Held, for example, we advise the Albanian government on strategic and legal aspects of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP). In addition, we have successfully engaged in a mediation process for a German mid-sized company in Albania.

Further Regions

Besides the aforementioned areas of focus, we also entertain good relationships with many other regions of the world. Our flexibility allows us to reach out to our strong network of partners for example in India, Turkey and the United States to pursue undertakings beyond our permanent structures.